Water Street Consulting, Inc.



Meeting Facilitation

Let Water Street Consulting help you to plan and facilitate your next big meeting.  These situations call out for a neutral party to focus on and guide the process, minimizing the common problems people have working together while freeing up stakeholders to provide essential input and perspective. We have years of experience facilitating challenging conversations between elected officials, administrative teams and regional leaders.  

Strategic Planning & Implementation

In today's world, budgets are small but expectations are large. Are you focused on how to get the most bang for your buck?  Water Street Consulting can help you create a road map for your organization while providing you with the tools to help you stay on track every step of the way.

To view a sample scope for strategic planning and implementation activities, click hereEvery solution is customized to meet our clients needs.

For more information, contact us at [email protected] or 206.571.2983.

Organizational Development

While a strategic plan might determine the direction you're headed, your organization provides the horsepower to get there. It's a long road ahead, let's make sure your organization is tuned up with plenty of fuel.  Water Street Consulting has the tools and the experience to get under the hood to help you make the proper adjustments.

Team Building
To learn how we can help your teams run on all cylinders, click here. 

Interpersonal Skills
To learn how we can help your employees develop healthy and productive workplace relationships, click here.

Cultivating Leaders
To view a sample scope of service for "Cultivating Leaders" in your organization, click here. (Every solution is customized to meet our clients needs.)

Project Management

With resources dwindling, maybe you can't afford a new full-time employee, but you still have a list of critical projects that demand attention. Consider plugging in Water Street Consulting on a project by project basis.  We can apply our wide breadth of experience and solid knowledge base to projects that require both political acumen and administrative know how.